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Joe Tracy and a 1904 Peerless

Joe Tracy is shown in a very rare high quaility early automobile, a 1904 Type 7 Peerless. This model was on a 102″ w.b. and was 35 h.p., which at the time was the largest of three models produced that year (a smaller 24 h.p. model is seen in the advertisement). This may have been…

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Action at the Empire City Track during 1903

The events at the Empire City track, which was located just north of New York City, were among the earliest of race meets in this country. The photo above shows Charles Wridgeway posing aboard his Peerless racing car. Note the early racing low restriction exhaust, they just took the entire system off including the exhaust manifold…

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The Peter Helck Collection

A very early photo from the Peter Helck collection showing the 1904 Peerless which was run in the 1904 American Trials for the Gordon Bennett race. The trials were held at the Empire City track on May 19. Photo from the Peter Helck Collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press.    

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Main Street USA

An interesting group of what appear to be Model 10 Buicks along with what maybe a small Peerless and to the far right a Model F Buick. The setting is Woodstock Ill. and they are parked in front of Schuett and Schaaf  a farm equipment dealer.

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1910 Peerless

A handsome 1910 Peerless runabout with some well-to-do gentlemen. The plate appears to be 1910 Pennsylvania. With Packard and Pierce photos posted earlier today, we’ve now covered the “Three P’s.” Photo from the Robert C. Laurens collection.

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