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L-29 Cord Racer

An interesting photo that our friend Dan Strohl has posted on the HMN Blog. It looks like a racer hoped, the straight eight L-29 Cord’s front wheel drive would help him in his dirt track racing efforts. I wonder how it actually worked in use? Take a good look at the channel iron roll bar they…

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G. D. White

We recently aquired this interesting photo of G. D. White and his Mercer Racing car. It is based on a T-head Mercer chassis but other than that no other information is known about it. Has anyone ever heard of White or can anyone ID the race track that the car is on? Many racing cars…

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Tuffy’s Racing Team

A championship or sprint car is show being raised to enter an airplane so that it can be sent along on its way. The man with his back to the camera is wearing a Tuffy’s Racing Team jacket. Hopefully one of our viewers can fill in the details on the racing car.

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The Monster

This is an incredible car that has been written about many times in the past. It is not my intention to go much into the history of the car, but to show these pictures and the details from Michael Sedwick’s book below. This itself book is dated, being published in 1973 but the details give…

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Ed Winfield

Ed Winfield is shown in his Kant-Skore Piston Special at the Ascot track in southern California in the photo taken during 1924. Winfield was a mechanical genius who developed a very famous flathead Model T Ford engine that was in this car. It featured a two up-two down crankshaft (he changed the firing order to…

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