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1909 Indy Inaugural: Remy Brassard….Peter Helck

1909 Indy Inaugural: Remy Brassard. Another fine Peter Helck artwork depicting the twenty-five-mile Free-for-All Remy Brassard race, that was held on the second day of the three day Indianapolis Speedway opening event. There were only three starters for the race; Oldfield’s white Benz, Zengle’s Chadwick and DePalma in a stripped stock Fiat which was a…

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Cunningham Record Breaker

Ralph DePalma is shown at the Sheepshead Bay, two and a half mile board track in a Cunningham on November 17, 1919. DePalma set new records with the V-8 powered roadster, covering six miles in three minutes and 57.80 seconds. He covered ten miles in six minutes and 35.40. The Cunningham was a custom built…

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