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Sporty Roamer Touring Cars

The photo above shows us three 1919 Roamer touring cars with Rochester-Duesenberg engines next to the factory. The 1921 touring car below is wearing a heavily padded California top featuring octagonal quarter windows and landau irons. It also is wearing wheel discs over its wire wheels.  Photos from the Fred Roe Collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press.

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Distinctive Roamer Closed Cars

This set of photos show us a pair of quite attractive 1922 Roamer closed cars with Ro-chester-Duesenberg engines. Above is what was called the Sport Coupe and below the Sport Sedan. Both have quite sharp lines and again we see cane work applied between the belt moldings. This type of windshield treatment was in vogue…

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A Pair of Distinctive Roamers

This is our third set of images of Roamers automobiles with very smart and up to date coach work. The top photo shows us a Cabriolet with what appears to be a collapsable top. The lighter section on the doors is a panel done in cane-work. The open-fronted limousine below is carrying Miss Mississippi in 1918….

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A Very Attractive Roamer Speedster

This is an example of the smart body styling that was available from the Roamer company, that is shown in a series of posts we are doing on automobiles powered by the  Rochester-Duesenberg engine. This very attractive two-passenger speedster, made between 1922-1923, evidently had a disappearing top that collapsed into the rear compartment. Photos from…

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The Roamer

The Roamer, built between 1916-1929, was another assembled car that from 1918-1924 used the Rochester-Duesenberg engine that we have been covering. Like many of the others we have looked at, the Roamer was sporty and exclusive looking and aimed at someone who wanted style and something different. They copied the Rolls-Royce radia-tor style and used…

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A Rapid Roamer.

This is a Rochester-Duesenberg powered Roamer which was high quality assembled car. The Roamer cars were styled very similar to the Rolls Royce and are a very striking auto-mobile. In 1921 the 105 MPH for a stock based car that they set was really flying. Also see this earlier post for more four cylinder Duesenberg information.

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