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Fine Classic Cars at the Louwman Museum in The Netherlands

  • lm1
  • A 1932 Bugatti Type 50T Coach Profilee

Should you have plans to travel to Europe in the future, one destination to add to your itinerary is a visit to one of the most important automobile collections in the world – the Louwman Museum. The collection was started in 1934 by P.V. Louwman, who imported the Dodge and Toyota into Holland with a 1914 Dodge. His son Evert Louwman has added to the group and recently installed it in a new purpose-built building designed by American architect Michael Graves.

This post is the first of two covering only a very small portion of the exceptional classic cars in the museum with images by Pavel Novitski. The photo at the top of the post shows a 1932 Bugatti Type 50T Coach Profilee. The Type 50 was an updated version of the Type 46 with a supercharged 8-cylinder in-line – 2-valve d.o.h.c. engine that produced 225 h.p. at 4000 r.p.m. The coachwork design was executed by Ettore Bugatti’s talented son Jean when he was only 23 years old.

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  • 1934 Bugatti Type 57 - 1937 Talbot Lago T150 SS - Talbot-Lago T26 GS

On the left above is a 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Grand Raid Roadster with spectacular coachwork by Gangloff. This car was exibited at the 1934 Auto Salon in Paris and subsequently it was driven by Veyron and Wurmser in the Paris-Nice-Paris rally. Robert Benoist then went on to a win in the 1935 Chavigny Hill Climb with the car.

A 1937 Talbot Lago – T150 SS  Teardrop Coupe with coachwork by Figoni & Falaschi is shown above in the center. It is powered by a 160 hp 4.0-litre in-line aluminum six-cylinder engine with a rocker-arm actuated, two-valve hemi-head. One of the Teardrop Coupe’s finished third in the 1938 Le Mans race and this example was used by Rob Walker while practicing for the 1949 version of that event.

The Talbot-Lago T26-Grand Sport on the right above features exceptional coachwork by Saoutchik. It is one of only 36 that were produced and features a d.o.h.c. 4.5-liter engine that produces 190-h.p. and was capable of a 125 m.p.h. top speed. It is a touring version of the Grand Prix racing car, and it was first introduced in 1947 at the Paris Auto Salon.

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  • 1926 Mercedes-Benz K - 1935 Duesenberg SJ - 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K 

On the left above is yet another car in the collection wearing coachwork by Saoutchik, this time on a 1926 Mercedes-Benz Type K chassis. It is powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter, 110 h.p. six-cylinder engine that produces 160 h.p. This exclusive creation has a cockpit trimmed with fine wooden moldings and features the use of silver for the window framework, the door handles and the inlay on the carved wood interior fittings.

One of the most attractive Duesenberg’s ever built, a 1935 Model SJ Phaeton with sweep-panel coachwork by Walker-LaGrande is shown above in the center. This car was purchased new by World War I flying ace Reginald Sinclair and features the renown 420 c.i. d.o.h.c. straight-8, equipped with a centrifugal supercharger that reportedly produced 320 h.p.

And finally in the right hand photo above is a 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster. Twenty-five of  these lavish Special Roadsters with coachwork by Sindelfingen were produced. This model restablished the kompressor (supercharger) made famous by earlier models, on a five-liter rocker-arm actuated o.h.v. straight-eight that produces 160 h.p.

  • Crosby
  • A Frederick Gordon-Crosby painting from the automotive art collection

You can learn more about the museum that is pictured below, and the extensive collection of over two-hundred and fifty cars at the Louwman Museum. The automobles photos above are courtesy of Pavel Novitsky.


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Oh, Là Là! – High Style at the Concours D’Elegance

  • Hispano Suiza J12, coachwork by Binder.

    Although the term is quite familiar to aficionados today, “Concours D’Elegance” (literally a competition of elegance) dates back to 17th century. It refers to a pastime enjoyed by the French aristocracy who proudly paraded their ornate and custom-built carriages through the parks of Paris on Summer weekends and holidays all decked out in their finest clothes.

    Fast forward a few centuries to today’s photos and you’ll see that they translated the concept into the Motor Age quite successfully. Seen here are some examples of the finest custom body work ever produced on the most expensive chassis’ available at the time. We think that the well-dressed young ladies accompanying these elegant autos were certainly doing their best to continue the Concours tradition as well. You can find other interesting photos posted here on The Old Motor from the Concours d’Elegance au Bois de Boulogne. Photos and captions courtesy of Rob Geelen.
  • Hispano Suiza in Cannes - Betty Spell with a Delage D8S - Hispano Suiza J12 with coachwork by Saoutchik.
  • Betty Spell with a Delage D8S – Rolls Royce Phantom I, coachwork by Balthasar Fiol - Post-war body on a pre-war Rolls-Royce Phantom III
  • Austro Daimler ADR8, coachwork by Neuss.
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Sensuous Steel – Art Deco Automobiles at the Frist Museum

The Delahaye 135MS Figoni and Falaschi Roadster first seen at the 1937 Paris Auto Salon from the Collection of The Revs Institute for Automobile Research at the Collier Collection.

An exhibition of some truly remarkable automobiles is currently in progress at The Frist Center for Visual Arts in Nashville, Tennessee and runs until September 15, 2013. A must see for lovers of Art Deco and “French Curve” design, visitors unfamiliar with those genres will likely be even more impressed by the striking style of these cars. Superb lighting shows them off to their best advantage as seen in these images courtesy of Bruce Sweetman.

They come to the Frist from some of the finest collections in the country. Well known automotive journalist and guest curator Ken Gross brief gives a  brief introduction to the exhibit in the video below.

A preview of just some of the cars you will see there follows below. You can find out more about this display and the Frist Center, including hours and directions, here.


L to R (above) : The Collier Collection’s Delahaye 135MS Roadster Roadster features leather interior and matching carpets by Hermès.  Another gorgeous Delahaye, a 1936 135M Competition Coupe from the collection of Jim Patterson also sports coachwork by Figoni and Falaschi . 


L to R (above) : The Patterson Delahaye 135M, and a 1934 Voisin Type C27 Aerosport Coupe from the Collection of Merle and Peter Mullin


L to R (above) : The Mullin Museum’s 1934 Voisin Type C27 Aerosport Coupe and a stunning 1934 Packard Twelve Model 1106 Sport Coupe by LeBaron belonging to Robert and Sandra Bahre.


L to R (above) : Front view of the Bahre’s Packard and a very rare 1930 Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace Roadster from the Collection of the Edmund J. Stecker Family Trust.


L to R (above) : The instrument panel of the Jordan Speedway Ace and the 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Vanvooren Cabriolet built for the Shah of Persia on loan from Margie and Robert E. Petersen of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


L to R (above) : The dashboard in the Bugatti Type 57C and a 1929 Cord L-29 Cabriolet first owned by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s currently part of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Automobile Museum Collection.


L to R (above) : The unique Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubonnet “Xenia” Coupe on loan from The Mullin Automotive Museum. Conceived in 1937 by André Dubonnet of aperitif fame, it was designed by Jean Andreau and built with coachwork by Jacques Saoutchik.

All photos courtesy of Bruce Sweetman.

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