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The 1905 Mack Brothers “Manhattan” 5-ton truck

By Gene Herman:

“As mentioned in an earlier post here on The Old Motor, the configuration of the first heavy trucks owed a great deal to horse drawn equipment built for the same purpose. In fact, the Mack Brothers also produced heavy duty freight wagons around the time that this impressive truck was manufactured. This early “seat-over-engine” arrangement also marked a clear departure from modified automobiles to a dedicated truck design.

This particular five ton “Manhattan” is the prototype of the model, and was used as a demonstrator around Allentown, PA, to promote the brand, shortly after the company constructed a new and larger factory there. Business was so good that Mack had outgrown their Brooklyn, NY, facility and had to expand to keep up with demand. It was the highest capacity truck that they built at the time.”

This is part of a series of Mack Truck photos that are courtesy of  The Mack Trucks Historical Museum

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