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A Road Grading Crew In Iowa

What appears to be a Case Steam tractor leads the way for this five man grading crew somewhere near Stratford, Iowa. The two men on the engine were the operator and the possibly the fireman who is posing on the wheel. The grader the engine is pulling has a two man crew and bringing up…

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A White To The Rescue

The description with this White Co. factory photo tells us that the White steamer was used extensively for ambulances in the first decade of the last century. We are not sure of the exact year of this White but believe that it maybe from the years 1907-1910 and it possibly is a 30-40 HP model….

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The First Race In America?

Most people think the first auto race in America was the 1895 event in Chicago. That race was 54 miles long and was won by Frank Duryea in 10 hours and 23 minutes. But there was a much earlier event held in Wisconsin for steam buggies in 1878. It was some 200 miles long and…

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