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A Road Grading Crew In Iowa

What appears to be a Case Steam tractor leads the way for this five man grading crew somewhere near Stratford, Iowa. The two men on the engine were the operator and the possibly the fireman who is posing on the wheel. The grader the engine is pulling has a two man crew and bringing up the rear is a water wagon. Behind the crew is a high wheeler and at the far right a wagon with a team. The Old Motor photo.

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Steam Tractors

As you all know, previous to the steam tractor all pulling work on the farm was done with horses or oxen. Steam allowed farms to grow in size as more work could be done and also allowed other types of work to be preformed because these tractors could be used as stationary power plants. The large pulley visible on the side could be used to drive many forms of machinery with a flat belt which allowed work to be done so much quicker.

Hopefully one of our readers can identify and tell us a little more about these two tractors.

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