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Fast Traveling Stoddard-Dayton Speedster

Today’s feature image takes us back in time to Hanford, California, for a view of a very sporty-looking Stoddard-Dayton stripped of its coachwork and converted into a speedster. In an era when speed equipment was only available for racers on a factory team, and aftermarket offerings were still a few years away, the quick and…

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A Stoddard-Dayton Roadster

This gent has every reason to be smiling, he is posing in his Stoddard-Dayton roadster, which appears to possibly be the big 1911-12 50 h.p. model. It was a very fine car which did well in racing and also on the road. This photo clearly shows one of their trademark styling features, the upturned fenders….

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A Stoddard-Dayton

Here are a couple of young gents in a very sporty looking circa 1910 Stoddard Dayton roadster. From studying the size of the car, it appears that this maybe one of the big fifty hp models which were quite good performers and did well in racing. Photo The Old Motor. Photos from the Horseless Age…

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