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Streamlining in 1899: Jenatzy’s “La Jamais Contente” and Vallée’s “Pantoufle”

Updated  – Editors note: This article is written by guest writer Hampton C. Wayt, a very knowledgeable and trained automotive historian. His field of interest is the design history of the automobile. By Hampton C. Wayt:  The “streamlining” of automobiles with an interest of attaining higher speeds is practically as old as the invention itself. The best-known early example of…

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Gregoire Submarine – Advanced Aerodynamics and Skylighting

1911 Gregoire with a Submarine Torpedo body

Gregoire was a French automobile and aircraft manufacturer. Henri Coanda was a brilliant Romanian aeronautical engineer and inventor. Alin and Liautard was a French coachbuilder of the highest order. Together they designed and built at least two extraordinary automobiles. According to the Gregoire Association, in 1911 the Company introduced new models powered by long stroke four cylinder engines. In…

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