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Fritz Fend’s Flitzer

Bet you can’t say “Fritz Fend’s Flitzer” three times quickly. But what his little car went on to do quickly, was to give post-war Germany a basic car and Willy Messerschmitt a product, as Germany was not allowed to build aircraft after WWII until 1955.

Fend built about 250 of the little cars between the late 1940s and the early 1950s, when he proposed that Messerschmitt take over production. The company soon did by coming out with the slightly redesigned and new KR175.

They are fun little cars to drive with excellent handling, great gas mileage and with their low to the ground stance and seating give you a driving sensation unlike any other car. They are however on the slow side, with a little 175cc two-stroke engine producing only nine h.p. The Old Motor photo.

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