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The Metz car, an interesting story

Here we have a little Metz roadster that was photographed in the town of Hull, MA, which is on the end of  the Nantasket peninsula, a very interesting location in Boston harbor, and some six miles S.E. of the city. The photos are courtesy of Robert Sawtelle and show his grandparents (above).

The Metz Car was built in Waltham, Ma., which is just west of the city of Boston. There is much more to the early Waltham, MA., vehicle manu-facturing activity, which appears to have started with the Orient Motorcycle in 1899. Other brands made in the the city are the Orient Buckboard and the March-Metz motorcycle and then Metz, progressed on into the Metz car, a small but interesting automobile seen  on a video in Waltham.

Hull is known for having the first manned lifesaving station in the country that resulted in the lives of thousands of people being saved. From this start the U.S. Coast Guard evolved. Some very interesting early Hull photos can be found here of bus, boat and repair vehicles in Hull.

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