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The Mora Sealed Bonnet Contest Car

The photo above courtesy of Steve Heald, a Mora enthusiast who also sent the following information, turned up after our recent post of a Mora Postcard. Steve believes that the car in the earlier photo may be the same year and model as this well known 1907 Mora Racytype.

This car was used in the following events between June 19 and Sept. of 1907; An ACA sealed bonnet Contest of 600 miles, an NYC to Chicago run of 1,o44 miles, a Chicago Motor Club run of 175 miles, a Chicago to NYC run of 1044 miles, NYC demonstrations of 1250 miles, NYC to Atlantic City race 60 miles, demonstrations in Philadelphia of 750 miles, Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and demonstrations of 1500 miles, a Pittsburgh to Cleveland run of 120 miles, Demonstrations in Cleveland of 375 miles and finally a run from Cleveland to Buffalo of 200 miles.

This car covered 8044 miles with the bonnet seals still intact. It was returned to the factory where it was serviced and repaired. It then joined the New York-to-Paris race cars in Rochester, NY and accompanied them to Chicago. The car was then shipped back to the factory where the drive line was placed in a new chassis and sold to a gentleman who drove the car for severals years thereafter.

We can assume that the Mora Company publicized all of these ventures in the press and advertisements to show how sturdy their product was. If any of our readers can add more to the Mora story of have any additional photos please let us know.


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