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Gentleman Contemplating A Speed Run

These two gentleman appear to be contemplating their run on the sand during the 1907 Ormond-Daytona speed trials. The car is a new 1907 Thomas Flyer Model 4-60, double chain-drive which was a 3-pass. runabout. The car has been stripped of its fenders, lamps and hood and they must have thought that they would have…

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An Early Motoring Scene

Here is a wonderful trio of cars, in an exceptional early motoring image. The first car appears to be a 1905 Thomas 40 or 50 (they made both), the second car is a French fronted single cylinder Olds of the same vintage and the last car appears to be a 1905-06 Winton or Northern. Unfortunately…

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A Thomas Flyer Racer

An interesting photo of a couple young men with jaunty caps on, sitting in their Thomas Flyer. It is obviously a stripped chassis and seeing as the photo was taken on a track, we might be safe in assuming that they raced it.  This model was produced from 1908-10 and the first year was called…

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