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The Kulp Brothers, their motorcycles and the “Grand View Girls”

Solomon Kulp from the Reading, PA. area who we have been following recently, was a bit of an entrenupener. Earlier on we looked at a photo of his Thor and Yale dealership and today we have a glimpse of his Neracar enterprize, along with his competitive finishes in both the “National Six-Day Trials” and the “Reading-Pittsburg Two-Day Trials”, both of which were held in Pennsylvania in the spring of 1923.

Soloman Kulp is seen in the middle (above) in front of his Neracar signage, which appears to be being held in the door-opening just behind him. One of “The Grand View Girls” is on the right and and possibly his brother William is on the left.

Just (above) is shown the results of the Trials that Kulp participated in an excerpt from a June 28, 1923, advertisement by the Neracar Corp. of Syracuse, N.Y., in the Motorcycle and Bicycle Illustrated. This appears to possibly be the results for the the the machines class, rather than an overall win, as we found other class wins in our research.

Seen (above) from the same advertisement, is Kulp shown in a different event, the results of which can be seen (below). In a 568 mile run, over two days he managed a perfect time and m.p.h. score on his Neracar, which attests to his riding skills and the reliability of his machine. You can learn more about these unique Neracar machines here , which were produced both in the U.S. and in England (Ner-a-Car) between 1918 and 1927.

You can also look back on our previous posts on  the Kulp Brothers here. Photos courtesy of Paul Rigsby.

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The Kulp Brothers, their motorcycles and the “Grand View Girls”

A photo from the Kulp brothers collection (above), shows Saul Kulp and his girl friend aboard a Thor v-twin. Saul bought a Thor and Yale motorcycle dealership in Reading, PA., during 1916 (below) and he, his brothers and friends are seen proudly standing out front of the store (the building still exists).

In addition to selling and repairing motorcycles, Saul also sold bicycles and had a gas pump out front which must have made for a busy dealership. The photos are courtesy of Paul Rigsby, and you see other interesting photos of his relatives on their motorcycles in the Reading, PA, area here.

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