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The Davis Divan – A Three Wheeled Oddity

By: Gene Herman:  When successful car salesman Glenn Gordon Davis saw the “Californian”, a Ford V-8 “60”powered three wheeler designed by race car builder Frank Kurtis for millionaire sportsman Joel Thorne in 1941, he was so impressed that he eventually acquired it in 1945. It inspired him to design and produce a larger version and…

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The Tucker Engine Assembly Line

A press photo dated June 29, 1948, showing the Tucker engine assembly line and its workers. The original design for the Tucker engine design did not work out so he ended up modifying the Franklin air-cooled flat six which was made by Air Cooled Motors. This 334 c.i., 166 h.p. engine was originally intended for…

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The Tucker

A Press Photo showing a concept drawing of the 1946 Tucker Torpedo. June 13, 1947,  Stanley Johnson and Joseph Pagan operate a drill press in Chicago working on drilling and tapping holes in a Tucker Torpedo cylinder block. Chicago, June 19, 1947, R. H. Armstrong explains that new car has engine mounted in rear with…

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