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The Western Clippers Designed by Brooks Stevens

  • clip
  • One of the late 1930s Western Clippers Designed by Brooks Stevens

Brooks Stevens was one of the most successful and prolific American industrial designers in the pre and post-World War II era. His firm Brooks Stevens Industrial Design produced concepts and visions for everything from coffee pots and kitchenware to the design of the famous Olympian Hiawatha Train for the Milwaukee Railroad in 1947.

We recently covered the Stevens designed Zephyr Land-Yacht (and have found the surviving tractor and talked with its owner and Steven’s Grandson) and would like to continue our coverage with the Western Clippers and its variants. One the Clippers, which is seen here were designed for the Western Publishing Company in Racine, Wisconsin to use as mobile sales rooms.

Seventy-five years after being designed and built, information on the Clippers and the related smaller motor homes is hard to find online. That is were you come in; we would like to ask our readers for help in finding more information about them, if you can direct us to anything covering these streamlined designs please let us know. The photos are courtesy of the Milwaukee Art Museum.


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The Carcajou Motor Home – The Neatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

David Traver Adolphus at Hemmings Daily has come up with a very interest-ing story, along with excellent photos of Carcajou, a luxury motor home. Paul Seiler president of the Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. Company, which was also known as General Motors Truck Corp. had it built in 1929 as his vacation home on wheels. And wouldn’t it be neat to have one for our very own?


Left to right (above) you can see the driving compartment and luxury arm chairs for passengers, the bathroom complete with a stained glass window and finally a view to the rear and the master bed room. The spare tires (below) were carried behind an ornate platform and rack on the back.

To learn more and view many more excellent photos, see the post by David Traver Adolphus at Hemmings Daily. You can also view a couple of other early motorhomes (scroll down) here on The Old Motor.

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