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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, But the Fire is so Delightful….


Here in Vermont, just as many other areas have also experienced recently, the first substantial snow fall happened with over a foot of the white stuff falling overnight. As I sit here in the shop writing this post in front of a roaring fire in the wood stove (15 degrees outside), the town grader that plows our rural dirt roads can be heard laboring up the steep mountain road just behind us.

All of this brings to mind the old-time winter photos we have been saving just for the occasion. The press photo seen above taken during the early-forties in an unknown Massachusetts city, shows a bit of a traffic problem after a reported thirteen-inch snowstorm. In the photo can be seen a wide variety of vehicles, the oldest of which appears to be a Model “T ” truck on the right and on the left is a much more modern mid-thirties GM sedan. If you are in the same predicament and need to move some snow out of the way get yourself one of these. You can also view many more pages here on The Old Motor filled with wintertime photos of vehicles and snow here.

Below is an interesting film showing what is described as an Oshkosh truck armed with both vee and wing plows filmed in Barnum, Minnesota and dated 1936 that is well worth watching through to the end. And do not miss seeing one of the best action-packed vintage plowing films ever, showing a 1935 Walter Snow Fighter working very hard on the Tug Hill Plateau in upstate New York, where record snowfalls occur yearly. The Old Motor photo.

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Interesting Snow Plowing Films from the late 1930s, with Walter Snow Fighter trucks

This silent two part film (the second follows below), like many discoveries was made while searching for something else. It is an amazing twelve plus minute film, documenting the use of  a Walter four-wheel-drive “Snow Fighter” in the winter during the mid 1930s.

The film was shot, probably in Oneida County, New York, an area known for heavy lake – affects winter snow. The location is usually referred to as Tug Hill, but actually is the Tug Hill Plateau and is located between Lake Ontario and the Adirondack Mountains.

A 1932 Walter Snow Fighter Model FSB is shown (above) in a catalog illustration.

Contained is some amazing footage shot after about a five foot snow storm. You will watch as the Walter Snow Fighter driver has to bash his way, one hit at a time through some very deep drifts of up to six to eight feet deep.

The film shows how much times have changed since the days of much heavier snow falls. It also shows you some priceless footage including the locals riding in the bed of the truck for a thrill and possibly to add weight, along with many spectators.

You can also learn more about the the early pre war Walter Trucks at coachbuilt.com.

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