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“Service Cars” at Work in New Zealand


Automobile ownership was not commonplace for many people in most parts of the world during the first thirty years of its use. The train or a bus was popular if a trip of some distance was necessary. This pair of photos show what the Kiwis called a “Service Car”, hard at work in Nelson, New Zealand, on South Island. The Newman Bros. LTD. White Truck above, is carrying a bus body covered with Royal Mail bags and filled with people.

Below we see a Cadillac with a lengthened-wheelbase and a long twelve-passenger body filled with a jovial-looking bunch. Both vehicles appear to date from the late-teens or early twenties. If any of our readers can date either of these American vehicles or tell us more about them, please send us a comment. Photos by Frederick Nelson Jones courtesy of the National Library of New Zealand. Many more bus and truck photos can be seen here on The Old Motor.


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Pinching Pennies with the New 1937 Dodge Trucks

Although Dodge updated the styling of their light truck line to a new streamlined design in 1936, the revamp didn’t reach their medium duty offerings until 1937, following what the White Motor Company started in 1935 with their Model 704S (scroll down). In this photo, taken at a Plymouth and Dodge dealer in the Charlottesville, Virginia, we see two examples of that more modern look.

Engines across the various weight classes were all inline flathead sixes in 201, 218, 242 and 310 cubic inch displacements. While a bold claim was being made here about the enormous fuel savings that could be achieved operating one of these trucks, that statement begs the question: compared to what? Image by Rufus W. Holsinger, courtesy of the University of Virginia.

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A Gould Topped White Bus

A very nice and sharp image of a White bus carrying a Gould top probably taken for Gould in San Francisco. The photo is courtesy of Tom Jakeway who earlier treated us to a series of photos of attractive Gould-topped automobiles. The Camas Stage company may have been located in Camas, Washington which is northeast and across the river from Portland Oregon. Can any of our readers date the White?

Eric Haartz earlier reported this about the company: As of early 1925, at least, the F.D. Gould Company operated at 1509 Sutter Street in San Francisco. They were listed in the Chilton Automobile Directory (but oddly absent in a 1923 issue). From what is evident in this series of photos, Gould seemed particularly proud of their California Tops. Those in the photos seem to have had artificial leather on the exteriors, and several coated-fabrics firms then specialized in such materials for automotive use. Naugahyde (United States Rubber Company, later Uniroyal), Fabrikoid (DuPont) and Zapon were prominent brands in this application.

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