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1905 Reo Mountaineer Completes a Coast-to-Coast Trip and Return

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  • The Reo Mountaineer arriving back in New York City after 12,000 miles 

Percy F. Megargel and David F. Fassett, a skilled mechanic from the Reo Factory, can be seen above right in the Reo Mountaineer, after driving from New York City to Portland, Oregon and return. The trip started in the summer of 1905, and the pair arrived back in New York on June 9, 1906, after having traveled close to 12,000 miles.

Two years earlier, there had been three notable transcons: Jackson and Crocker in the Winton, Whitman and Hammond in the Oldsmobile, and Fetch and Krarup in the Packard, all going from west to east.

  • Reo2      1906 Reo Coast-to-coast      reo3
  •       Full details of the trip in “The Automobile” June 14, 1906 issue

The Automobile, August 17, 1905, issue tells us the reason for the journey: “Mr. Megargel will make the trip in the interest of the American Motor League, of which association he is a member, the main purpose being to gather reliable data with regard to the condition of the roads, the grades to be encountered, streams to be forded, distances from place to place, available stopping places and gasoline supply houses.” 

The top photo is from the Detroit Publishing Company, courtesy of Shorpy. The photo below, from The Horseless Age August 8, 1905 issue, shows Megargel, the Mountaineer and Fassett before leaving New York City in 1905. Full details of the trip can be found in The Automobile June 14, 1906 issue in the center above.


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The S. B. Stevens Residence Garage, Rome, New York, Circa 1904 -1905

S. B. Stevens stabled his fleet behind his very impressive house in this garage in Rome, NY, were he lived, which is about an hour west of Albany, NY. Stevens appears to have been part of the J.P. Stevens & Co., a large textile firm founded in 1813, that is still operation today.

Stevens could afford the best and at the time and that was a Mercedes-Simplex 60 h.p., one of which with its oval lamps is what you see parked on the far left of the garage. Just to the left of it is a beautiful quarter-sawn oak oil-dispenser with a smaller portable unit on top of it. The walls and ceiling are covered in wainscoting with a high gloss finish and decorated with period lithographs. The windows have the shades drawn, possibly to protect the cars varnished finishes from sun light or to keep excess light from spoiling the photograph.

The second car from the left in this impressive garage is a 1904 or earlier Winton. The car in the middle is an unknown and is likely to be older the its mates to the left. The last two cars on the right, the first being a touring car and the second a roadster have the appearance of being early steamers.

The garage is also equipped with a hanging lighting fixture in the center of the ceiling and off on the far right, next to the wall can be seen a cast iron radiator, which tells us that it was heated by central heat and was a well equipped and modern garage at the time.


We will show you two more photos of the very impressive house and garage soon, along with the Mercedes, the chauffeur, the footman and also S. B. Stevens posing out in front of the house. We will also include more infor-mation about the 60 h.p. Mercedes, the general design of which, was copied and imitated by most all automobile makers at the time.

The Mercedes was one of the hottest things on wheels then and a S. B. Stevens was an early racer. He is seen just below in the number 28, 60 h.p. Mercedes, racing Sardoni on the beach at Ormond-Daytona in the 1905 Speed meet. Stevens was quite involved with early racing and also had profession drivers race his car for him later on.

If any of our readers can help, we would like to know the following; The makers of the car in the middle of the garage along with the two on the right. Photo above courtesy of Edward Fiore. Photo below from Auto Topics, April 1905 issue.

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Barney Oldfield and a Very Early Peerless

This great very early photo shows Barney Oldfield and possibly his wife Beatrice posing in what is believed to have been his first Peerless racing car. Barney started driving for Peerless in 1903 and the first event that we were able to find him recorded as driving one, was a race meet in September at Grosse Point, MI., where he won a 5 mile race and finished second in a 15 mile race.

This car that Oldfield is posing in, appears to be very similar to the Peerless that Charles Wridgeway is seen in during 1903 at the New York, Empire City track in  just below. The Wridgeway car is stripped of its hood at that meet, but appears to have the very same shape on the wooden dash board, along with sharing many of the other details as the car Oldfield is in. There is a possibility that this is a promotional photo taken, when Oldfield started driving the Green Dragons for Peerless late in 1903. Oldfield was also driving for both Winton ( he quit on April 12) and Ford earlier in 1903.

This photo above comes to us courtesy of Mike Schultz who found it over forty years ago with other Peerless and White steamer photos, one of which had a connection to Atlantic City, NJ. The photo below is from the Peter Helck Collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press.

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The Dealers Association of Oregon Tour – 1917

This photo shows us four cars that participated in some form of a tour which was put on by the Dealers Association of Oregon. The banners on the windshields tell us that it was from Portland to Crater Lake and we are assuming that this may be at the Lake next to a lodge that was in the finishing stages of construction.

The date is 1917 and the cars left to right are Winton, Velie, Mitchell and an Overland. Hopefully our readers can tell us more about this photo and the Dealers Association. The Old Motor photo.

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