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The Gadabout and Hoppenstand Cars: Design Coincidence or Infringement?

By Robert D. Cunningham: During World War II, thousands of engineers and fabricators discovered the desirable light-weight and corrosion-resistant characteristics of aluminum—perfect for military aircraft and equally promising for civilian use. Among them was Colonel David Hoppenstand, who announced postwar plans to manufacture “the only aluminum fishing boats built without rivets or spot welds” in…

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Chevrolet’s Thunderbird? The Four-Seat Corvette

four-seat 1963 split-window Corvette

by Michael Lamm. A four-place split-window Corvette? It nearly happened. Chevrolet, before giving birth to the celebrated 1963 coupe, seriously considered tapping into the success of the four-seater Thunderbird. T-Bird sales tripled in 1958 when Ford added a back seat. Chevrolet was feeling pressure to head in the same direction. “Basically it was Ed Cole’s…

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